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just say "no" to hotties in space

young, attractive people doing cool, exciting things :(

a joyful girl getting loud
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CAPSLOCK, 6/9/09 never forget, a more doper me, a tragedy of noodles, al/may, aldis hodge on sexytime, alec hardison, all the fictional women you hate, ambiguously gay heroes alumni, anyanka syndrome, artistic gymnastics, ayako miyake, azula/ty lee, bad cop textual interrogation, basically anything that's awesome, being gay for mai, being gay for zuko, black hayate ruining roy's sex life, blaming everything on beaver, blaming everything on mai, bossy men with guns, bsg through "final cut", but mostly greedling/lanfan, canon when it's awesome, captain turner/captain turner, casablanconia, chloe sullivan, chloe/lex/lionel mostly nonsexual ot3, chosen one/protectoress otp, colonel dorkface, dangerous ladies, dexter, dinosaur comics, dramatic possibilities of clay, dudes named zachary evidently, ed/winry, edward cullen: impotent virgin, edward elric: househusband, emotional magnificence, essentially a wizard, failpires, feelings explosion alchemist, feminism, fictional incest, free will, free-range organic storytelling, fuck you she's awesome, fuhrer roy mustache, genderfucked pilots, girls, girls in suits, greed the person, greed/lanfan/ling, helga pataki, het, hilaritragedy, iroh/grandma fa, jamie's vulgar mood, japanese obstacle course competitions, john/cameron, jon stewart, kaidan alenko, kira nerys, kiss kiss fall in love, kissing stories, lady gaga, lanfan, lanfan's intense sexual frustration, lanfan's sexual satisfaction, lauren mitchell, ling yao, ling/lanfan, lol a kiss, lol thomas dekker, mac/doctor no, magic karate, mai's demon spell of hotness, mai/zuko: for lazy bitches, makoto nagano, marrying riza hawkeye, mary jane watson, mass effect, matriarchies in space, mean kittens taking naps, morgan freeman: supernanny for humanity, mulan, mutually assured swan lake destruction, my gay husband zachary quinto, my love of hate, my phd in au-ology, nastia liukin, nyota uhura, one true poodleriffic cuntfest, oppression via pilotshipping, outmaking, overcoming feminist despair, overidentifying with vulcans, p'hy'las, parks and recreation, pdls on a robot-cat, pepper potts, peter/mj, pink the color, pink the person, puck/mercedes, rashida jones, real person lies, ridiculousness, roger w. ferguson, roy/riza, rpattz's reading comprehension, shelby is a monster, sociopaths, sokka/every girl ever, soul calibur, spock, spock/uhura, spontaneous lesbianism risk factors, star trek xi, starnerds, stefan salvatore: loldorable doofpire, stephen colbert, subverting the text, tamaki suou, terminator, that creature called woman, the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya, toph bei fong, total beats, tuvooooook ;__;, unhealthy amounts of glee, video games, what poodle said, whatever (marriage), women in refrigerators, world of warcraft, writing stories about feelings, x-play, your girlfriend is a toaster, your lady business, zac efron's many parts, zach quinto's relentless zach quintoness, zoe saldana's long-awaited fame, zuko's infinite dweebery